William Butler Yeats

Tamara Lichtenstein
Aëla Labbé
Broke Shaden
Luke Smithers

You think you’ll fall hard, but it’s just that new start

Ane Brun – Gillian – Sketches Version

Ane Brun – The Puzzle – Sketches Version

Ane Brun – Miss Moaning – Sketches Version

photos by Borealnz

~Vincent van Gogh

Teresa Q’s photostream on Flickr is beautiful in the poetic and heart wrenching sense of the word.

I would die for that dress..

I just stumbled over 17 year old Jett Myers in Flickr, and just fell for him and the vulnerable beauty in his photos.

I am here for me, because this is what relieves me from the real world, and what my heart truly desires.
Jett Myers

Inspiration by Irene Suchocki

wonderful WONDERFUL photographer and artist

Wonderful poetic inspiration by Leslie Thomson

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