let me cry over what could have been
let sadness over happiness win
let sorrow be a part of me
make future bliss be hard to see

let my actions be filled with aggravation
kill my intense creative inspiration
let my heart a thousand times be broken
let my passion for beauty be unspoken
let tenacious pain dwell in my soul
let my aching heart be hard as coal

but do not let emptiness fill my mind
let it rather anguish and hatred find


Getting drunk on rooftops at home and away,
singing songs of lovers that left and that stayed.
The summer when everything changed
Listening to gillian playing her song
dreaming of places we could go on,
wiping up the tears across your face,
realizing that love was all
The summer when i was dressed in your love
and I felt the warmth of the blessing above.
In the wasteland of uncertainty my heart did dive
in the summer when hurting ment feeling alive
*The summer when it all went away,
but came back in a way
that made me believe in the words of lovers before
and the songs and the sonets of ripening amore
The summer when all was born anew
And I realized that the end
has a beginnig too
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