For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.

-William Butler Yeats

William Butler Yeats

Tamara Lichtenstein
Aëla Labbé
Broke Shaden
Luke Smithers

he holds my hand as i walk the streets with my eyes closed. the cars thunder on beside us, the sun keeps on with the heat on my face, and the wind still yawns in my ears.

from here, close eyed and with my fingers in his fingers, i can see.

by Nirrimi Hakanson


I draw energy from everything at the moment. It’s weird, I feels as though I am waking up in a way..? It’s a strange feeling, and hard to describe, but it is almost as though I have been in this certain state of mind, and a subconscious part of me is trying to wake up this suppressed feeling that has been sleeping for a long while..

I have an intense need to create. A few days ago I decided to draw a little. I found a bottle of ink, a pencil and a couple of lipsticks and started creating. Got a bit messed up in the end, but the process was wonderful and rewarding.

If you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it

Secret Garden – Celebration

Secret Garden – Awakening

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