Changing of the seasons

After sixteen months and about two houndred blog entries, I no longer recognize myself in this blog.

I remember writing in a blog entry, earlier this year, that I felt a change coming. This year has brought nothing but changes. Some good and some bad, but overall it has changed me. I’ve been found in so many ways, and I finally know who I really am, and this blog does not represent that

Creativity is my life. To create is my business, and I’d still like to share that with others. So I’m starting a different kind of blog that is more me, and not just a collection of inspiration and sentiments. It’s a blog that will show more of my personal life and the important people in it, together with some fun and creative projects. If anyone is interested in following me on the journey, the new blog is called Kodiakbird

Be seeing you

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  1. lol Dasha says:

    how beautiful!*-*

  2. Cornelius Gyamfi says:

    Your blog is so dope>>>>>>>>>>> : )

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